Fatal Encounters

Pardon our dust


On this site, there are five tools to enable journalists, law enforcement and others to help build this database.

Database of the dead

This tool allows people to analyze jurisdictions and demographics of law enforcement-involved homicides. First, select a state, then selections can be made to search by county, year, age, race, or whether obvious symptoms of mental illness were reported by law enforcement or the media. If you want to look at national data, it’s at the bottom of the states drop-down menu, but beware, it’ll overwhelm some older browsers.

Law enforcement database

This tool allows people who wish to make written public records requests to choose a state and/or a county and get a mailing list of all the state and local law enforcement in that locale. All 17,986 state and local law enforcement agencies are in this database.

Submit fatal encounters

This form allows people to upload information about individual incidents of fatal encounters with police.


The top map shows incidents of fatal encounters in which information is information fairly complete and/or official. The bottom map shows incidents for which partial information is available, but more can be added, using the “Submit fatal encounters” tool.


The top spreadsheet shows the encounters that have been put in through the form or that I’ve been able to trace back to media reports or public documents. Right now, I’m focusing I databases I can connect to and the state of Nevada, since I live here.
The bottom spreadsheet shows the fact-checking queue so people can see where their submissions are in the process. After we verify the data against public documents or media reports, I’ll move the incident to the top spreadsheet.