Sarah Cohen, Editor of the New York Times computer-assisted reporting team and co-writer of this story that ran about Fatal Encounters today, was kind enough to allow me to post their spreadsheet which shows the analysis of officer-involved homicides by 100,000 population.

Five deadliest jurisdictions in order: 1) New Mexico, 2) District of Columbia, 3) Arizona, 4) Nevada, 5) Oklahoma

Five safest jurisdictions in order: 47) Massachusetts, 48) New Jersey, 49) New York, 50) New Hampshire, 51) Rhode Island

Download the spreadsheet here.

Caveats: Note: Population and crime numbers are from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report from 2012, the most recent available.
Police-involved killings are from the Fatal Encounters database, June 2013-December 2014, excluding accidents and suicides.
Most analyses exclude the District of Columbia.


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