Fatal Encounters

A step toward creating an impartial, comprehensive and searchable national database of people killed during interactions with police

People Search

There are two searches on this page, and they don't work together. This top one is an "any" function. Users can use any or all of the fields to refine the search.

The search below is an "all" function. Multiple choices can be selected, and the results display cumulatively.
It's generally best to only search within a single category at a time. For example, if a user wants to exclude suicides from the results, he or she would select everything except "suicide" under Intended use of force.

Click here to download as CSV

The results are set so people can view 500 records at a time. Clicking the "Click here to download as CSV" button, above, will take you to a different page that displays a spreadsheet that can be downloaded 500 entries at a time.
For larger searches or to download the complete Fatal Encounters dataset, go to the Google Sheet. Go under File to Download and select Comma-separated values.